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Your Website is Another Location of your business December 2, 2009

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Today I was reading an article as to whether auto dealers’ internet departments are becoming obsolete. 


The premise was that there should be no separation in the departments because the internet is not separate, but integrated into the business.

If we take this premise one step further we should understand the following:

  1. Your Website is Another Location of Your Business- This location is open 24 hours a day, is never sick or on vacation.
  2. Your Website is a Process not a Project-A project has a beginning, middle and end.  Your internet presence like your business is an ongoing process.  Your business changes and your website must reflect those changes.
  3. Everyone at Your Company Should Be Involved-Obviously there are different roles for everyone, but if you have different individuals who are responsible for different departments they should have a role in making sure content is being updated to reflect business objectives.

You have no idea how many dealers have shared the horror stories of having one person who did everything associated with the website, leave the company, and then no one knew how to access anything.  YIKES!

We promote all facets of the dealership to have some involvement in the website and to use the website itself as a sales tool.  Why have a static entity out there representing your business when your business changes daily and your focus and strategic objectives are also ever evolving?


Car Dealers debating Pros and Cons of Facebook November 30, 2009

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Often we can look to the auto industry as being ahead of our industry in adoption of technology.  As the auto dealers debate the pros and cons of social media what are the implications for the Equipment industry? I believe there is a lot to be learned. 

The quandary is that Facebook and other social networking tools ARE A BIG DEAL whether we want to admit it or not.  J.D. Powers released the following statistics:

And it has become a big deal. J.D. Power and Associates researchers cite impressive numbers:

  • Facebook added 100 million users in nine months.
  • If Facebook were a country, its population would be the fourth largest in the world.
  • 100 million videos are on YouTube.com
  • Online bloggers now number 200 million, three-quarters of them posting opinions about products and services.
  • Nearly 80% of consumers trust their peers’ opinions.

We can not bury our heads in the sand and pretend that this will not affect our future business considerations.    An article by Steve Finlay on Wardsauto.com does a good job about talking about the pros and cons of Facebook.


Worth a read!

New Technology Use in the Equipment Industry November 25, 2009

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Just today I read about the fact that Sunbelt Rentals is utilizing the Iphone for its sales force.  Here is another example of the use of technology and its implications for the future of our industry. 


Digital Media important for Equipment Industry November 20, 2009

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No longer are we in a wait and see mode. We must understand how things are being communicated. What is catching people’s attention. Where do we get to talk to millions of people for free? How do we get their attention.

I recently attended the AEM convention where Scott Klososky from FPOV.org spoke and talked about a product release from a company. In this particular case the company decided to produce a video that would get people’s attention. The company spent about $10,000 dollars and it was the most successful product release ever. They sent emails to 700 people and the rest was taken care of by the virulent nature of the video…which got people attention.

Check out “Say No To Dirt” on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaHtA89RHUQ

How might product releases be different in our industry? How might we grab our customer’s attention?